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learn guitar bluegrass
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Learn Rhythm Guitar: Where do I start?

I'm currently playing a bluegrass. Although I love, there are times when I want to play backup of another person and the violin solo that I can not stand alone backups. I like to play rhythm guitar, but I do not know where to start for learning. How can I use a capo and I must learn the chords? Any help is appreciated!

Buy a book that has chord diagrams and in this stupid songs like buns and three blind mice. Learn the basic chords in major and minor play through these songs. By learning the songs you know basic chords! Be patient while you learn, but in reality, most songs can be played with only three chords. Basically, a re-tunes the guitar capo … So if you put it on the second fret and play G form will be an A, C is D, E an F #, etc.

learn guitar bluegrass

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