Play Guitar Hero Game Online Game

play guitar hero game online game
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I can not play online for Guitar Hero III with a wii, can someone help?

Connected to the Internet, I found that I like online gaming can not find any games to play, any help greatly appreciated.

While the Wii version of GH3 to play online using specific friend codes match. "" Friend Codes are generated from a unique identifier for a copy of a game and the Nintendo Wi-Fi ID DS or Wii. Using another copy of a game, or loading the same copy on another computer, it generates a different code friend. For users by becoming "friends", adding that both parties need friend codes, often obtained through forums or chat rooms online, and be authenticated as a friend once both have been posted. These measures (exchange friend codes, friend codes for the game, and linking the friend code and system) is said by Nintendo to be current measures to protect user privacy. "

play guitar hero game online game