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learn guitar programs
Guitar Program – NJN’s Classroom Closeup, NJ

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learn how to play guitar fast and easy?

Is there a preferably free) program (or something like that to learn to play guitar? I wanted to learn for a while but have not had the opportunity I know a little but not enough to play for real.

Snappy, Here is a technique that is motivating because it is fun: 1. First make a short list of your favorite pop / rock (or any other kind) songs. Maybe 10. 2. agreements Search for these on the web. 3. Choose the one with the least number of agreements 4. Search chords and learn to finger 5. Play this song every day for a week or two, and you'll know by the heart healthy. 6. Rinse and repeat There's a site that has many more details on this and other ways of learning. I'll add a link so you can then go further. Good luck, John

learn guitar programs