How To Learn Guitar Rhythms

how to learn guitar rhythms
Learn metal guitar rhythms using Pentatonic scales ala Judas Priest Metallica

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Viola wants to learn guitar?

I play the viola for about 4 years, but I want to learn the guitar enough to implement the rate tape. I realized that I can get my viola sound exactly like a guitar when i hook up an amp and distortion pedal, I I do not know if the same effect for the group as a guitarist. Is learning the guitar is harder because you know how to play the viola and the key to high? Or should I keep my viola?

By all means, ramify! Try new things. I would probably go for alto guitar only because what other groups have a violist of pace? You can be cool and unique, or may be frowned upon. And in general, if you are in a band playing guitar, you will not have to read scores, will probably be the chords you play. Unless they are ridiculous.

how to learn guitar rhythms