100 Best Bass Guitar Players

100 best bass guitar players
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What is the best guitar for a good intermediate guitar player?

I'm 21 and I'm in my last year playing. I a first guitar (Samick, now my brothers to learn a) Dean Vendetta, I'm going to custom paint my group, a Squier P-Bass Special, acoustics Guild, and my personal baby, a Fender Telecaster Custom Maple Top coti. I play guitar for a band, and although I love my Telecaster, I like to play with a second Gutiar our songs down to D. We play mostly alternative rock with some progressive (The inspiration comes from Muse, U2, Coldplay, etc. ..) I play with distortion and clean longer, and I was looking at other guitars that would be a good investment. He leans toward the purchase a Gibson Les Paul Studio, but I wanted to know if anyone has any recommendations for my style of play on a guitar in sight. My price range is $ 750 – $ 1,100. He also appeared in the eyes of some PRS and Schecter, so I would like extra income! I can play on a Fender amp FM212R.

Depends on what you're looking for playability, looks, reliability … I have a Gibson Les Paul Signature, is visually very, plays well and is quite reliable, there nothing special about any of the departments, but a great guitarist. Additionally, Gretsch and Rickenbacker are excellent choices, visually stunning, and very nice but also very expensive. The Gretsch Country Gentleman Chet Atkins are two of the best guitars at any time, but very expensive. A little outside your price range would be the Gretsch 6120. But if you use lots of distortion, and alt. progressive rock. then I suggest to a Fender, the guitar more playable on the planet. And if you're a Telecaster fan of his, so I'd say the Fender Jazzmaster, a very fun to play the guitar, not only meant for jazz, of course. It is one of the guitars Fender upper end, and maybe a little of your price range. If so, I prefer the Stratocaster, which I prefer the Telecaster. If none of these work for you, then you have to go to the Paul Reed Smith, a great all around guitar and very reliable. The PRT is a bit expensive, but beautiful, and sounds good. My other suggestion would be (if you're interested in a hollow), a Gibson ES somehow. The final ES is the ES-339, very pleasant. Other suggestions would be a Gibson SG, Washburn Washington or a great guitar in its price range are Ibáñez, you should look into them, not as good as the others, but a good reliable guitar. And if you want a sound I would say a Fender or a top end of the gull, which are relatively cheap guitar. If you 're looking for something a little more exotic, you can get a Gibson Flying V Faded, about $ 950, or Resontor, or a string of twelve. I hope I helped.

100 best bass guitar players