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Tickets for the concert Renegades, 2010

Renegades is a side project of two members of the power strip, with guitarist Grant Nicholas and Taka Hirose on bass. Nicholas Renegades formed with his brother Hirose Brazil Karl Ben, who completed the group and a 4-track EP was recorded. At first the songs were recorded with Brazil as the food, before deciding to use them for the side project.

The idea was created during the separation the group with drummer Mark Richardson, who returned to his former band Skunk Anansie. Brazil was first hired with the band for help in their play dates in June several university events before that date to play the first round of the UK Sonisphere Festival. However, registration has been with the group with drummer Tim Trotter Mexicola, before the idea was to use the tracks of Brazil recorded with the band for "Scoundrels" of the project. The project will be temporary, without release of the album. After the side project Renegades played a series of concerts in small rooms with the release of their latest single or EP, the seventh album will be released charger.

In the first of January 2010, a countdown four days was added to the official website Renegades. In the countdown reaches zero hour on January 6, 2010, the title song from the EP, "Renegades" was released for free download and a package containing limited edition EP, Renegades shirt, badge and all e-ticket for one of six places available. The Renegades EP is the first release on the group's own brand label, Big Teeth "musical. The Renegades were welcomed by many fans power of his music. Track listing "Forsaken," "Sentimental" – 2:22 "Time Goes By" – 3:15 and " barking dogs "- 02:04.

Renegade official members Grant Nicholas (vocals, guitar) Taka Hirose (bass) and Karl Brazil (drums). members Feeder tour Deavall Dean Tidey Dean and will not join the band on tour that the project has been so focused on aspects of "three parts "of the band.

Renegades played a series of 10 new songs for his first round with 13 in total. Three of them were fed "covers" it was "Tangerine," "Sweet 16" and "Descent. "Mandarin" was the biggest surprise thereof, as it was previously a song never played live for almost 13 years in time, not to mention Nicholas Grant often express their dislike the song at concerts. Since the tour, the next song of worship in some way strengthened. Grant Nicholas told XFM that 25 songs were recorded.

Rejects will live in London this year.

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play guitar zero online free

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