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to play guitar

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To start a new rock band and being the leader must play bass or guitar?

He played guitar and bass. After a with some frustration I switched to bass guitar, and I felt very soon lost its charm after a while. I want to be a leader in group, and my friend playing guitar, so I think holding the guitar again. But for that, I'm not sure what the best option, if they continued to play bass guitar again, or does both.

When I think of a "figurehead" of the band, most often think of someone who is a singer or guitarist. There is no exception. Someone mentioned Les Claypool (who played!). How does sings and plays like he did not know Never! Sheryl Crow plays the guitar and bass, and I truly believe that person face to face my …;) In game low field against men, "said Dusty Hill of ZZ Top a co-front man (Billy Gibbons). He sang in his share of success. There are Gene Simmons of Kiss, bass and co-faced man with Paul Stanley. And I'd be an idiot total if I did not mention Lemmy of Motorhead! If I can go back waaaayyy, playing proxies elsewhere: Peter Cetera of Chicago, Greg Lake (Emerson, Lake & Palmer) John Wetton (Asia, King Crimson) That all being said, I can say that I be singing a bass player is harder than being a singing guitarist. First, unless you have a very good instructor, you do not have all the rope to refer to his notes. But I can say that I can play bass and sing harmony gotten me a lot of work. I'm not the leader, but I take checks to the bank) At the end, the game he likes to play the song. And if you want to put in some songs, that! Greetings from Austin, TX Ken

to play guitar

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