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learn how to play guitar electric guitar

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how long it takes for a child of 13 years to learn the electric guitar?

I am a 13 years and I will soon have an electric guitar and I wondered if I was practicing for 2-5 hours per day for how long it will take before I can play a song? I also wonder how long does it take to learn to play the guitar gives you hell All American Rejects and how long would it take to learn to play guitar Bon Jovi is my life. thanks for any help.

As mentioned previously, there is really no single answer. Here are some notes from a person playing 9 months: How many time to collect things about muscle memory? Have you learned to type again? How long did it take to adapt to any video games that is the driver? Although none of these things seems to play the guitar around, both still need a good amount of muscle memory. This is not like you will not be able to watch all the fretboard, but once you start learning the basic shapes in the fingers, and your mind, you can move much faster and more accurate. How long will be able to practice in a week? Every music teacher I spoke to said that the practice their instrument every day, even just five minutes or five hours a day, if possible. Five hours is very, very long, so: P At first, you probably want to keep the practice a little short, because … How long will it take for you to develop calluses, and in this sense, how much tolerance to pain you? You do not want to play your fingers, literally the blood. Playing guitar hurts: in fact, the only reason he leaves so many times. A Once you accumulate a few layers of dead skin on the hand stirred not so bad, and once you accumulate so that you can peel the layers of cleaning, you'll forget how much it hurt when you started. How to "feel" music and "feeling" that things fall into place right? Tabs and agreements found online can help a lot, but what separates men and boys, at least initially, is how you can "feel" something happens. If it strikes a note quite strange, did you know that right away? The sooner you know your mistakes, the sooner you can correct and the sooner you can perfect solo. Do you play instruments? I sing, but play no other instrument. However, I have seen people who play a instrument can usually learn much more quickly than a beginner. And finally, what good quality is the guitar? You are a beginner, do not buy a $ 2000 guitar. It would be stupid. However, a $ 200 Epiphone (for Gibson) or Squier (Fender) usually feels and sounds a ton over $ 75 First Act guitar and amp combo pack Wal-Mart. And believe me: the best of his guitar sounds more inclined to spend hours playing and practicing. Without forget, I heard the guitars at low prices can cut your fingers on the frets: / rock work and hard man m /

learn how to play guitar electric guitar