How To Play Guitar Scales For Beginners

how to play guitar scales for beginners
Guitar Basics for Beginners : How to Play Minor Pentatonic Scales on Guitar

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Self-learning beginner guitar help?

Hi all, Just a guitar industry for two weeks, learning ropes and ladders while but I have questions and want to know a few tricks. And he went through many sites such as,, and checked on YouTube to see people actually playing the guitar … 1 – When reading files, how do you know when you need to start or tear (I know that the symbols and everything, but still clear …)? 2 – It seems so easy to tear up and down … How do you manage to hit the strings N should not be played? (For example, when you do play a supposedly play the bottom line …) 3 – In the tabs, there is sometimes a full range of song with only 2 strings, which supposed to do? always strum until the cable comes from? Do you still strumming or sometimes pluck the strings one by one? I am very motivated, but I can not afford lessons, and know its possible to learn by yourself. I practice every day at least hour. Other suggestions? Any fun songs easy to learn?

1 – Depends on what you use – if sometimes a book is a key to help you. 2 – Practice, practice, practice. Start slowly and repeatedly until well done, and then accelerate. 3 – Yes, continue to play the same agreement until you change it, and yes sometimes you can play the strings one by one only depends on the song. If you see small numbers on 6 lines, it tells you which fret to play in this channel. It can also hear the song you want to play to listen to the rhythm / strum pattern – in trying to play the song at the same time and copy what they hear. There are many ways to interpret a song – not like the registration of origin. Have fun and work on strengthening their basic skills – learning new chords and how to switch between them. The rest will come with practice! Sometimes lullabies are easy to start, only to learn – such as Three Blind Mice. 🙂

how to play guitar scales for beginners

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