Learn Guitar Fast And Easy

learn guitar fast and easy
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I just got my electric guitar, what is the fastest way to learn without lessons? Located 10 points best answer:)

I I received my electric guitar, and I'm planning to self-teach me, is this possible? and if so, what, how The easiest way to learn by myself? advice? Located 10 points)

Tabs can learn to play a song, but I would recommend certainly a book to learn. The reason is that if you learn the actual technique of a book when you try to play a song (eg TAB) and see a model or something, you'll have a much better idea of what it means and how to play, because you know the technique behind it. If you learn by the book, you can use the tabs to reinforce the techniques you already know, instead of trying to learn to chip and essentially digging in the dark. I particularly recommend the book "Fundamentals of the guitar by Bruce Buckingham, probably available somewhere on the site by Hal Leonard. The Best $ 20 more spent on guitar instruction I can assure you that I learned from this book and swear by it. Teaches all the basics strings theory, blues, rock, solos, etc., in an easy to follow the path.

learn guitar fast and easy