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learn to play guitar slides
Slide Guitar Lesson Part 8 – Standard Tuning

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Question for experienced players.?

Question: "no" to learn to play guitar well, or I must be born with a talent for the guitar as well? "I learned to play guitar for a year and a half (10 months with an instructor). "I can play open chords, but I'm slow and soft in switching. "I get confused when you play with a metronome or with another guitarist." I know some nut shape (E A, Am, C, 7, 9), but I'm sloppy and often chains of silence. "I can play 14 songs (badly) and the 12-bar blues (right). "I can bend (to right), slides (right), hammer-on (bad), pull-off (evil), vibrato (Right). "I practice 30 minutes to 1 hour 6 to 7 days per week (All the time I can afford). "My goal is to play well enough to play with others and enjoy myself, my family and friends. I'm definitely making progress, but felt I should be better than me. Here is where I belong at this stage of my game or am I "behind the power curve? Thanks in advance!

Good stuff here … 1) Make sure you have fun between the practice. This is not funny means no means no motivation progress. 2) Do not get discouraged if you plateau at some point. It's OK, it's normal, we must keep the same connection. When you are ready to advance you. 3) Focus on one thing at a time … seems to have so many things (Barres and songs and techniques and 12 bar blues etc.) maybe you're just a little scattered. Get good with slides, for example, then work on your curves. Making a song and then move to the song follows. "How" technical help motivate you and give you the confidence to tackle the next, and feel they contribute to progress, it seems you are! 4) Play with a metronome. Many people are saying do not use … if you can not manage at the moment is very well, but return as soon as possible. It is so important to develop an excellent sense of rhythm and metronome is the ultimate judge of a perfect rhythm. I do not want shoddy right? I totally second advice on learning the chord changes, little by little … BPM slow adjustment and change every four … then three … Develop your skills so slowly, do not rush. 5) Take your sweet time making sure you have your finger nut or agreements open at the bottom. Building a strong foundation now means more play later … and not having to unlearn bad habits in the future! It is normal to go to a good, slow and steady! 6) Take some damn credit! In a year and a half has passed not to play to be able to do all these things …. Obviously you're doing something! If you can jam decenty even halfway into one of 12 bar, which has already done something that many beginners can not … Have you ever thought? Honestly, I played for over an decade, and I can not hack my way through a bar 12 … one falls to be self-taught! Are you saying that … take some of your songs favorite to your teacher. Ask if your teacher to choose one that should not be too difficult for you to learn fast enough. Then focus on this song – and learning that will give you the confidence to not worry if you do better or worse than others. The pitch on the other – the fact is that you learn, which is progressing, and that is to find who has the ability to make good music. Do not forget that! Good luck! (And honestly, I know I should be better than where I am. We all feel from time to time, especially when you see some kids in our middle age grinding youtube. always someone who can do something better, but only after YOU. do it for you, not them! do it the right way to have a teacher who is ahead and I sure …. and you can be sure that you will not have to unlearn many things that I later …) Saul

learn to play guitar slides