Play Guitar Computer Keyboard

play guitar computer keyboard
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How do I sign up to sing, play keyboard guitar sound at home with my team, I'm on a budget?

I think I am pretty good, but I improve – the public, I would be useful for me – I also want to show me musically to – if I could save it would be great – I think I am very musically talented, but I'm a newbie technological options available to me and their advantages and disadvantages … anyone there be intrinsic recording at home?

There a program called "Audacity" which can be downloaded from the Internet, you you also need a microphone on your system, be prepared to install as much RAM as you can and also have a fast processor. This a basic program that you can use. For installation real property for a native software, but it will cost money, especially Protools, but the artists use this program to do the final productions on records!

play guitar computer keyboard