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I am a beginner. Should I buy a guitar expaensive?

I started playing guitar when he was 12 and I played for nearly a year. Like now. Once I did my homework, I play guitar. Usually in my free time I'll play guitar games RVO. The fact is that I love., Dn A I'll be playing for a long period. Christmas is coming and it would be better to ask a ITME guitar. The OPR only [; Em is that I am a begginner and I do not know if I should buy a new guitar yet. My guitar right now is awful. I mean the type dear defense. Gibson came out of the picture. Would it make sense to buy a new guitar anytime soon? Sorry for the spelling

I recommends * not * buy a cheap guitar. After a year of playing, and his age, most everything I recommend is $ 200. Most novice players, young and old, not to play (or do not pass the novice stage of learning). At 13, I can guarantee their interests and priorities will change much over the next 10 years. Sinking a lot of money in any hobby or interest is risky. I recommend buying a used Squire (Start or model of TV, for example) in good condition. Because so many people and start playing not to continue, these guitars can be found in abundance on eBay and Craigslist. For $ 100 you can get a bit of guitar very well. If he continues to play for a few years and then updated slightly (Something in a Fender Start or Epiphone LP made in Mexico). Meanwhile, you really do not have the skills or experience to really enjoy a more beautiful anyway. But for now, a squire in good condition (again, only about $ 100) you get by just fine.

free guitar playing games