Learn Guitar Ipod

learn guitar ipod
iPlay CG Demo (Classical Guitar iPhone/iPod Touch developed by tkviper)

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what is best for you to learn to play guitar podcast? or method ??!!?

I really want to learn to play. I found a podcast, but I'm not sure how I'm crazy about it, but there is no real good out there! I get my itunes iPod, my iPod can play videos. or what is the best way to teach yourself to play? the best music books, DVDs, etc, etc. .. if you Please help!

Mel Bay books are always good, and are probably one of the most popular books. Sold at Guitar Center. If you have Comcast, you can go to the section in its application, then go to the music. It should be a lesson to the article. Www.8notes.com also has some very good lessons Good luck, but I try to get lessons. Private sectors are usually the best.

learn guitar ipod