What Is The Best Guitar Learning Book

what is the best guitar learning book
Best Guitar Learning Software

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What would you consider the best guitar learning method?

With so many books, videos, online school, and the like, it it difficult to choose. Any assistance would be appreciated.

i’m a guitar instructor, and let me tell you, theres not a perfect one out there. its all a matter of figuring out how you learn. i’ve got students that need me to show them things on paper, if they dont have it written out, they have a hard time. other kids could have it on paper and look at it for a week, but dont get it until i explain it. other ppl need to see my hands playing. i try to set up the lesson to fit the student individually. eveyone learns the basics, but i try to relate it to the music that the student likes.

i’d recommend hitting the local music store and asking to talk to a teacher. he’ll help you get a feel for things. and if you dont like him, theres always another one out there.

what is the best guitar learning book

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