How To Play Guitar Patterns

how to play guitar patterns
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how do you play a bass line to work with guitar chords or play guitar chords to fit a bass line?

I know about scales and can play a few on both guitar and bass but I am unsure how to play a bass line to some existing guitar chords. I can do the obvious and copy the guitar chords or I can play the bass within the scale of the chord that is playing.

I am wondering if I am doing this right?

Would the bass parts being played with each chord have to conform to each chord structure too
Eg. overall guitar chord pattern: root, 3, 5, 7. Say the first guitar chord is an E.. Would the bass have to have a root, 3, 5, 7 scale whilst the E plays? 🙂

It helps if the bass line contains notes from the chords which are being played but you don’t necessarily have to play the route note first. Try listening to some of your favourite records (one that you know the chords to) and work out what the bass player is doing. There are no hard and fast rules – your ears will soon tell you what fits and what doesn’t.
Good luck.

how to play guitar patterns

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