Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great

make your electric guitar play great
Build your own guitar effects Part I circuit boards

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I know all about rock!?

I'm really into rock and guitars, I actually have a guitar and plays well (I think), I want to know on the greatest rockers of all time, "the greatest songs, songs playable songs-hard-rock epic and its background, why Bob Marley die …-Use an electric guitar from scratch (I mean that is used for what and how I can keep it), "what with Jimmy Hendrix?" The use distortion pedals, tremolo bar, "How to make a body electric guitar types," different, bigger guitar bands of all time more, and why they are great. -How to start a group, how to record their first single, if I have great songs, how to make them famous Take your time, I'm a patient man ..

Well, first things first. What type of rock is talking about? There are many types of rock music. Classic, hard, art, heavy metal … whatsoever. And each kind has its sub-genres. My guess is classic or hard. One of the great classic rock bands are Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Saturday. heavier types of things, such as Iron Maiden. There are many great songs. Try, for example, Stairway to Heaven, immortal classic. kinds of different songs. One of the hardest songs to play for any guitarist is … well, hm, "Paradigm Shift" by Liquid Tension Experiment. Gender is a progressive metal. Grinding, tapping, sweep picking, the song has it all. As far as I know, Bob Marley died of skin cancer. (You can answer the guitar section, I am a keyboardist / bassist) depends on what you consider "great." If it comes to sales, is the Rolling Stones and the Beatles. If you think the popularity is still The Rolling Stones and the Beatles. Would you consider the skill, artistry and melodic complexity, is very questionable. My vote goes to Dream Theater band members side project Liquid Tension Experiment. How to start a band? Simple. Put an ad in a newspaper Internet anywhere .. you are looking for band members can. But the most important thing for any band is hard work and dedication. … Hm, well, to start a band, you know. Today, the popular car makes money and famous songs. If you want start a music career, I think – Do you have what it takes to make the song a hit? If your answer is "yes", think again. Excuse my English my third language.

make your electric guitar play great