Top 100 Guitar Players Ever

top 100 guitar players ever
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Guitar question?

Well some time ago I remember the guitar magazines make a top 100 guitar solos ever. I do not agree Ted Nugent Stranglehold was? For me, I think it's a very difiniitive only in rock history. Thoughts?

I do not know. Okay, but then only. If the notes were the words of the sentence in the discussion more or less gibberish. Does not excite me, for example, Mark Knopfler solo Tunnel Love is pure poetry. Edit:. Just reviewing the 100 and Stranglehold has been done in the sidebar "Big or gate" and not in the top 100, it was probably made simply because of the sidebar are the classics that have been overexposed and hit the ground radio. Stranglehold hear at least five times a week on radio. I am not by Hagar three Lock Box. I think it's one of all time big rock riffs, which is good for him because the rest of their stuff is complete Drek.

top 100 guitar players ever