You Can Play Guitar Volume 5

you can play guitar volume 5
DVD Demo – Solo Blues Guitar vol. 2

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Guitar Secrets Of The Legends

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I thought of a way to get 100% on Guitar Hero, the hero of the band. . read the description?

Ok all you need as a microphone, Playstation or any other console and a phone / laptop / ipod. What to do: 1.Start a game you need to sing a song 2.Play into the mic. 3.Turn the TV volume. 4.Listen to play the song or get somthing to eat. 5.When return 100% written on the screen. Or you can shout into the microphone until the song is over, a pause for breath before continuing. Worked for me and all my friends. I made up =]

It works if you are a beginner: p

you can play guitar volume 5