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learn guitar fast

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Where can I learn guitar fast and easy?

Your keywords here is easy, although unless you're a genius or have the ear absolutely do not think you'll learn so fast, you first need a couple of months to get the calluses necessary to play without pain, and his use of hand to play. I remember long ago had a student who wanted to play guitar and when he came here for his first lesson, he said he wanted to know how to play "Stairway to Heaven" before leaving, then do not say what preceded only to show how, after a bit, he got the idea, I would not learn that night, get the point. As easy do not think anything of playing the guitar is easy, maybe a triangle guitar, but no. There are things you could do if I wanted to go this route, learn and just scrape son, that's all I can think of that is easy on guitar, and even taking time. Why not slow down and learn the right way, having a teacher or a book for beginners, which will be profitable in the long term. Good luck to you.

learn guitar fast