Learn Guitar Online Review

learn guitar online review
A Complete Review of Team Method Guitar – Learn How To Play Guitar Online

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All BC Rich Warlock guitar a good guitar to learn to play metal? We also need suggestions for the amp!

In the guitar center in my house, have a new BC Rich Warlock Bronze Series guitar, and at least $ 200. I read many many many comments online and it seems better for me to learn guitar to play metal and others. Is this a good guitar? Am I making a good decision? In addition, an amplifier Line 6 30W be enough? I love the effects, but did not know if I should get a higher amp? I found a way epiphone head stack and all for $ 250 .. Thank you!

Personally, I Ihata BC Rich Warlock, the feeling that thew play so bad, because all points on it and think it would be a good amp

learn guitar online review