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learn to play guitar lessons
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What is the best wat to learn the guitar? (No classes, I can not play by ear)?

I have an electric guitar acoustic and I do not know how to play. My parents do not understand me lessons. I can not play by ear. Should I learn on electric or acoustic? I think I explain to someone else because I do not see just confuses me. All good lessons on Youtube? I watched some, but I do not seem to help … Will it be difficult to learn without lessons? How can I learn more? I'm more interested in playing classic rock songs for example. I know I do a lot of questions … but I am really confused … Thank you for the help: D I'm 14 years old (15 soon) so I can not find a job and pay for themselves, although they are expensive … I do not think there is no hope to get my father to my cousin who is stingy … About how they should cost on average?

If you learn on acoustic it will be easier to play electric. It takes more strength in their fingers to play electric. I have not watched on YouTube. I played for almost ten years I personally We recommend most: A list of chords, scales and performance models for the guitar by Bruce Arnold. Only $ 9.99 and I think you can always buy the eBook Amazon. Agreements basic subjects are taught in this book and can be used for all styles.

learn to play guitar lessons

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