Learn Guitar In A Week

learn guitar in a week
Lick of week lesson learn guitar lead riffs in Frusciante Bettencourt styles

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need help in learning the guitar?

I'm learning guitar for 2 weeks. the problem is that I can not do play continuously. For example, if I move my finger left from my old to play in my big hand to stop strumming right. advice for this?

Practice, practice and practice. Familiarize yourself with the introduction to the fingers, it seems very difficult at first, but once u get it, you do look step back .. their natural resources can play for a while and even when u get a new line that it takes a bit to get through. The best way my experience trying to practice on a song, or trying to make a ringtone of the chord progression you play short, have fun while playing, otherwise it is only the sound, not music. When all are one and that's all.

learn guitar in a week

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