Play Guitar Scales

play guitar scales
Three Octave Scale Exercise – Guitar Scales

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2 guitars in a band, so the choice to play scales, while the guitar is to play basic chords?

I would like to add some guitar thing like scales on its back so it makes a better sound. Can I stop using a song that will improve the sound? (For For example, a song in the agreement)

Well, I guess you're relatively new to the guitar and music in general, but sorry to say that there is no simple answer. You must go to collect data from a beginner music theory. Why not try to play different tones agreements instead of the balance? So once the agreement is C, you can play with the notes C, E and G. If you are unsure what is observed the ropes, see my videos on the construction of agreements: com / watch? v = CEdcmkec5NE Here is a list of forms of agreement, thus: If you do not know where the notes on the neck, then you have much to do. Here is a chart of notes on a guitar with the words:

play guitar scales

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