Learning How To Play Guitar Left Handed

learning how to play guitar left handed
How to Play the Flamenco Guitar : Left Hand Techniques for Flamenco Guitar

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I am a left handed person and want to learn guitar.?

Hello, yesterday I bought my first guitar (electric) and I also bought a book to teach myself. I find it very difficult to learn in the book because I am left handed and I must learn to turn all the other notes … I looked online and I can find guitar lessons for lefties. I really want to learn playing guitar, but if I find the lessons left, I think I'll return my guitar again. Do you know any sites or books for lefties? If Please help me really want to learn to play guitar. Thank you I can not play the guitar with his right hand because they feel very uncomfortable.

I guess that's because everything is difficult book that shows that you have purchased chord diagrams which are designed to qualified. With a little practice, you will be able to read upside down no problem at all. In addition to the chord diagrams everything else is equal. If you you really find it difficult to decipher chord diagrams, you can read my lefty interactive chord chart on my site. http://leftyfretz.com/free-left-handed-guitar-chord-diagrams/ Can not find what you need from there, just search Google images of an agreement left graph. Another option is to take the rope in his book and write on a piece of paper mirror. There is much left to "learn to play guitar from books, but honestly, they are not necessary. As I said, the only difference is that the cards are reversed agree, everything else is the same. 'Left handed guitar, "wrote the section Amazon Books. But honestly, a chord chart is only 6 notes, it is not rocket science … Comparison of the rope in his book with the same agreement a left-table see how easy it is to shop around, I do not think at all and the few times I used a table of strings! You can also try to find the chord you are grappling with how tablature. tab is very, very easy to read and is the same regardless of being left or right. Google is your friend here. You can also DVD video lessons online. This way you can see and hear what they are supposed to play. As a lefty, which is very easy to learn from the DVD instructor usually handed mirror so perfectly, making it very easy to copy. In short, do not take the guitar again for a silly reason like that. It is difficult now because the instrument is new to you, not because he is left. Good luck:)

learning how to play guitar left handed