How To Play Guitar Along With Songs

how to play guitar along with songs
How to play “What Do You Got? ” (Bon Jovi) on Guitar + SPECIAL PLAY ALONG

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What is the best way to determine how the speakers are playing?

I saw some of the ways in which different speakers list (Watts, Hz, etc.) I am looking for computer speakers and I need something that is accessible, capable of playing loud enough you can play with an electric guitar and amplifier. I almost constant for the songs to my friends and I signed up, but the speakers I now are old and worn. Any suggestions on what to look for (prices range from 30 to 75 dollars?) And the level of sound I want?

sensitivity Rated A speaker is the technical specification for research. Explains how effective speaker. A typical note might be something like this: 90dB/1W/1M. This means that the amplifier is capable of playing a sound pressure level (SPL) of 90 decibels as an input of 1 watt (2.83 V @ 8 ohms), as measured at a distance of 1 meter. A ranking in the bottom of the scale would be about 85 dB. A speaker designed for ultra-high performance could have a rating over 100 dB. If you want to be able to play electric guitar with a speaker amplifier and then computer will not cut it. You can not fool the laws of physics. Get larger speakers. Oh yes, the price easily exceed $ 200. Unless you find a good used equipment.

how to play guitar along with songs