Play Guitar Through Computer Software

play guitar through computer software
Orange OPC: Revolutionary Computer Amplifier Speaker (NAMM 2011)

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expert in computer music recording!?

So I have no sound card microphone imputs not good. As the guitar and piano, when I took it into the microphone. cat, piano distorted, no matter how I do it in silence. So I ended up buying audio USB connector first act so you can connect to my guitar, then on my computer. The problem is that I want to hear the guitar through the speakers. Can I use the "listen device "Windows 7. The problem is that there is a slight delay when I play the chord or note for when it comes to computers, you can make it difficult to follow in time during recording. Do I get a better audio jack USB cable? Should I download software to accelerate the process, so you can listen faster? Or a cheap mixer and plug everything into the blender, then by the ICF to eliminate distortion?

Except with Pro Tools HD recording (which is expensive), you encounter this problem immediately. It has nothing to do with how quickly sound card or processor. Can I use Pro Tools LE and there are several things that I learned to do to avoid delays. If I hear the track I'm recording via tools Mbox Pro, so I will have some level of delay, but if I'm recording without a microphone and the instrument that I save goes directly the Mbox for recording, so I can play the track previously recorded by my studio monitor, cut the track, I am recording and listening the song I'm recording in the open ear headphones, either the guitar or weak effects processor or keyboard, depending on what I'm recording. If I'm using a microphone recording and voice, I can not use the monitor in a study, I use headphones closed, ears to hear the tracks already recorded and cut the track record, and just sing with the tracks I've heard, but I'm not hear what I record. You can also save in my mixing desk and listen to what I am recording directly from the console and there is no delay. So you can avoid the problem think about it. Be careful about recording with a microphone so, because if you listen to studio monitors for recording via a microphone can also record what you listen to the monitors. Thus, each record with a microphone, is necessary to hear the tracks already registered Helmet closed head. That's another reason not to use a microphone to record your guitar (unless it (I use an acoustic / electric), because it will not be able to use the study monitors during recording. When recording Live, it does matter.

play guitar through computer software