How To Play Guitar As A Beginner

how to play guitar as a beginner

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"I can learn piano on my own if I play the guitar?

I have a guitar and an electronic keyboard. I am a beginner at guitar and I can play some basic chords and scales. I'm getting better on guitar, as they learn in school. I know the basic theory of music and played the flute in the middle tier. I really can not afford to attend piano lessons. Is it possible for me to learn piano by myself? If yes, how would it be? Pleaseeee help! I write songs. I have lots of words and appropriate music for them.

YES! Also remember that most musicians find it very advantageous to know how to play the piano. Since they are already learning an instrument, which should be much easier to transfer data to the piano, compared with whom he has just started learning the piano from scratch. Many people who learn the piano on your own so do not be discouraged!

how to play guitar as a beginner