Learn Guitar Book And Dvd

learn guitar book and dvd
Chinese Slide Guitar – Guqin – Wolong Yin

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What is the best way to learn to play guitar?

I really want to learn. What kind of guitar I should buy? Which books, CD's, DVD's I buy? I'm afraid I just do not know if I go to a class at the center of the store local music'll think I'm stupid I'm 16 and most people learn when they are young. What brand of guitar is the best too? Should I take or maybe I just use my fingers? I'm pretty clueless …. sorry

I DEFINANTLY seeking a lesson or two. Its soo much more easier than learning from books or movies. Try going to a local guitar shop. Many brands of guitars are good, but will build a side the other that you want with a solid body. My old guitar teacher began when I was 20, he tends to think you're stupid! The People are starting to ALL ages. Its great to have the desire to learn for himself. Get selections. End of story. Theyre cheap at all and sounds differently than the fingers. Some songs use one or the other, and a few times. Hope this helps!

learn guitar book and dvd