Rolling Stone Magazine Best Guitar Players List

rolling stone magazine best guitar players list
John Frusciante – Guitar god part 4

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Why the guitarist Jimi Hendrix (as Rolling Stone)?

Before I begin, I understand that this list is not very reliable because Eddie is the # 70 and was made to sell magazines. That said, do not understand why Jimi Hendrix is considered the best guitarist of all time. Although for Naturally, he plays with soul and feeling, but it was many others inside and outside this list. I'm new the technique of the guitar and all that, but every time I hear his music is incredible, but I realize that fragmentation is not the only way make a difficult song. Is there something I'm missing? Did you have the ability to play whenever his mind on acid? If someone Please explain.

Jimi Hendrix revolutionized electric guitar playing. Before Hendrix, guitarists only scratched the guitar, playing the strings, may be chosen songs solo. guitar sound of Jimi Hendrix has never heard of. He was the innovator. Approach not only accept the book guitar method to play the guitar and went to the instrument as something more than chords and twangy solos. He used the guitar and amplifier create even more unique sound. It was the first to use the information as part of his game Brought, fuzz and distortion and feedback and reverberation in the course of the guitar. You want to talk about the crash … Hendrix did with his teeth. The concept of killer rock guitar solo Jimi Hendrix began. It is true that would occur before the evening, but Hendrix a man who changed the game all the guitarists who came after him. I guarantee if you ask Eddie is the best guitarist of all time, Hendrix said, then probably Santana or Eric Clapton, and then some old blues musicians you've never heard of. Edit = I agree with the voices of others, there is more to the music of how many notes you can play in a short period of time or anything as strong or "super" can ring. Most of it is how you and your audience will feel about it. I went to concerts that have been technically perfect … and it was fine. I've also been to concerts that inspired me and took me to a new place. These are musicians that become legend.

rolling stone magazine best guitar players list