Guitar Solo Tabs

guitar solo tabs
How To Play Californication Guitar Solo [slane castle, CD] RHCP cover lesson tab

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From the guitar tabs this afternoon by Nickelback?

I need a guitar tab for the first part of the evening Nickelback this. I know that all agreements. When the electric guitar is part of the harvest. none of the things melodic. I hope explained. Thnx in advance: D

You mean the introduction lick that is played behind the ropes just before the voice is coming? That how we hear, in the key of G: / A = slide = slide down e —————————- B – ————- ———— ————— ——- G 7 —– D–7/9– — 8 7-5 —– 7 / 9 ——- A —- 5 ——————- E – —————————- I do not know if I used the appropriate tab to describe the slides. Do not hold the first note … only use it as a starting point for quick drag up or down. For example, 7 / 9, 9 is attacked with a slip up. The downward trend 8 7 is faster. Make sense? Just use your ear to determine the sentiment.

guitar solo tabs