How To Play Guitar For Kids

how to play guitar for kids
Synyster Gates Teaches Kids how to play Guitar

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How old are most people when they learn to play guitar?

Is it more of an advantage to be younger when start? I'm 14 and really want to play. How long does it take for someone does not seem awful? Just curious what age most children when they learn. . . Thank you! <3

Yay for 14 years: D As long as your hand can fit around the neck and can reach the final, then fine. Usually, after 2-3 years does not suck. It really depends on the person who teaches guitar. I started 3 years ago, I'm not well, but I suck. And it is more of an advantage because the longer it takes, of course, the better you get, but it may take longer if it is lower.

how to play guitar for kids