Easier To Learn Guitar Or Piano

easier to learn guitar or piano
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Insrument What is easy to learn? Guitar, violin or piano?

and also, I'm too old to learn an instrument? im 18 of course. I tried to learn guitar by myself, but eventually abandoned. I intend to take violin lessons since I am very interested in it. I also believe that learning the piano. their answers, ideas and opinions are welcome.

You're certainly not too old. I have several adult students who are making good progress. We encourage you to keep the instrument you want, regardless of the difficulty and stay with it until you reach your goals. Each instrument has its own different set of technical challenges must be overcome. Your chances of success are much greater if there is something (the sound, the role it plays in games, or expressive qualities all of the above) that speaks to you deeply. It seems that this instrument is the violin in its case. What may seem difficult for others can actually come very easily for you, because you have natural physical abilities, hearing and mental well-suited to a particular instrument. Even if you do not seem to benefit these advantages, a good teacher can overcome physical obstacles and cultivate their skills in other areas. Yes, the violin can be a struggle, but can the guitar or piano. The guitar has frets and piano keys that may have fewer problems of equality with them, but the guitar has six strings and piano has a very broad and often requires reading two staves instead of one. I could add to the list, but I think the idea … So for the instrument most interested in learning. Let me know if you need a violin maker as I have many contacts. Good luck your music studio!

easier to learn guitar or piano