Best Learn Guitar Book

best learn guitar book
Tips on How to Choose the Best Learn to Play Guitar Book

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What method is the best book to quickly learn the guitar?

What is the best book to improve my speed at guitarists Lead metal? (I know these books because they learn best, but if you can give me to think that the videos too!)

Best advice to learn to play the "fast", summarized in a few words: slow play, clean and precise first – can accelerate slowly * *. As some art involving the use of specific movements (such as martial arts) have always dominated his technique, and must stay committed and after a while you on the progress. If you want to pick up scan or something I would advise going through some trends across – Box shapes? Edit: If you want videos, I guess the videos of John Petrucci of Dream Theater would be good enough. You exercise, and other things. I never bought the same DVD. It just seems to be everywhere.

best learn guitar book