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play guitar hero free online now
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What PS3 game should I buy?

Well, just buy a PS3 and I have a free game with it (Resistance 2). I also bought the hero band kit and a guitar solo guitar tuning (and GH5 and GH: M). Therefore, I finished every game and now I'm looking a new game to play with my friends and also online. So, this game do you recommend? (Adventure Games Shooters, games, action games, these are the types that I) In fact, only the name of a game that I found very funny and can play with your friends online. Thank you:)

First things first …. Game of the Year .. Uncharted 2 !!!!! have a good season .. Dependency and multiplayer! and its hilarious! once in the campaign of a guy said … "It's worse than driving to a dead prostitute church" is so funny … I do not … if the other guy was mw2 good to have won the game of the year … many fans are angry mw2 was so funny …. .. Also unknown is a must buy .. if you have PS3 … wait a minute .. It is not only a must buy! the closest to a … "If u do to redeem myself in a week .. or nightmares about Xbox 360! Haha …. otherwise good are unique .. LittleBigPlanet mag ,—- (big game with friends )—- God of War 3 ——— killzone 2 – (Xbox and PS3 games ..) and a good platform Games are like red and dead bioshock2 … mw2 not buying my opnion … u hate all hackers and glitchers … operations but black pre … Hope this helps! 🙂 I appreciate This question really u ~ ~! I hope my answer brings the best of everything .. and the vast experience of the PS3! We hope that this response is good for u:)

play guitar hero free online now

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