Guitar Playing Styles

guitar playing styles
Unusual Guitar Playing Styles

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How can I change my style of playing the guitar?

I feel like all the things that make (riffs, solos, etc.) will look like. I do not know if it because I play the same notes or if I am caught in the patterns of notes that I play. Im stuck on this and really do not know how to change it.

To the extent some people are not willing to admit, the guitar is very much a "monkey see, monkey do 'type of case. If you pay respect masters of the instrument and learn songs, solos, riffs they played, which will play better. It may seem that they are just copying someone else, but as time passes you realize that his personality take over, and you'll create your own unique style to be held on elements of everything you've learned. Learn new leave a bump that may be in no

guitar playing styles