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play guitar keys
Chris Brown – With You (Boyce Avenue acoustic cover)

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How can I be in a group if you do not know how to play keys and write letters? (Please read?)?

I want to be in a band playing Rock / Rap with a piano in it. Music like Linkin Park (my favorite band) or Evanescence. The problem is that I can not sing, I can not play the guitar. All I know played key songs and writing that are seemingly good. If I join a group, what I can do? I mean, not all songs have keyboard on it and if theres a keyboard, then I'm standing there like an idiot. Any advice?

Small ads or use to advertise music available. Go to see local bands do not like a player piano or keyboard and asked if they can join. Do not be afraid to approach them. Talk to local musicians to help me a lot when I was looking for groups of connections.

play guitar keys

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