How To Play Guitar Hero 2 Online

how to play guitar hero 2 online
Playing Guitar Hero II Songs on Electric Guitar : How to Play “Sweet Child o’ Mine” by Guns n’ Roses

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What if they made a Guitar Hero: Dragonforce?

I haven’t really enjoyed the guitar hero games that much lately. Guitar Hero 3 is still my favorite (I also own GH 1, 2, 80s, WT & Metallica), that was a nice blend of challenge, a good setlist, and online play. I bought Guitar Hero: World Tour which, despite the addition of mics and drums, felt disappointingly easy. Then I bought Guitar Hero: Metallica which was okay I guess. I haven’t bought any of the other games since GH: Metallica came out.

Then I thought of something, what if they came out with one where they did all Dragonforce songs? I might buy it just for the thought of how challenging it might be and it might get me motivated to play GH again but what are your thoughts about this?

I wouldn’t get it just because of all the pain that would cause my hands 🙁 Honestly, wouldn’t it hurt after a while? Guitar Hero 3 is also my favorite, my favorite genre is rock so I liked most of the songs on it and it did have a blend of challenge- at one point I was addicted to the game. World Tour was meh, I didn’t like it as much.

how to play guitar hero 2 online