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learn guitar las vegas
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How can I create or join a group?

I am 13 years old and my dream is to be in a band, but my parents do not believe or "academic." How can I convince them that I can make decisions for myself? (I do not think the "life" of women to be in a group) And I will learn bass guitar and singing lessons. I pray every day for my dream. So I'm going to Las Vegas and corporate heard no rock band very good so how am I supposed to find band members? At UNLV? Please help me. I need all these questions.

Well, maybe you can test your car so you have to show you really really want to become a reality. so you should take some singing lessons and bass and maybe meet people ur school who have an interest in music and once you know how to play properly, you can ask form a group. then once they have formed a coffee can wonder if you can play for them or what. Remember your only 13 if you have time become a great musician. Good luck and I hoped that helped

learn guitar las vegas