The Top 10 Fastest Guitar Players

the top 10 fastest guitar players

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EN 440 names Great Kat "Top 5 guitarists Man"!

EN 440 NAMES The Great Kat "Top 5 guitarists!  

"The The Great Kat. It is one of the 10 best guitarists worldwide. She has a wonderful technique because of its high degree of precision and perfection. "- EN 440

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The new masterpiece of Beethoven's Guitar Kat Great Shred "DVD and Shred / Classical CD bands characteristic of popular classics The Great Kat (Juilliard grad violin virtuoso /" The 10 fastest shredders of all time ") on guitar and violin, among them:

  • "5th Symphony" of Beethoven (In "Guitar Beethoven Shred "DVD)
  • Bach "Brandenburg Concerto No. 3" (in Beethoven Guitar Shred "DVD)
  • Wagner The Ride of the Valkyries "(in" War Wagner CD)
  • Bazzini "La Ronde elves" (in violation Rossini CD)
  • Rossini's "The Barber of Seville "(in" Guitar Goddess "CD)
  • Sarasate "Carmen Fantasy" (In "Bloody Vivaldi" CD) and more yet.

Watch music videos and MP3 music video on the website Great Kat

Contact Copies of Great Kat's Shred Guitar Beethoven "DVD, CD Guitar Shred or interviews: Karen Thomas Thomas PR, 631-549-7578

Guitar BEETHOVEN Shred "DVD Release NOTICE:  

– "It's fast, technical and diabolical when he plays very well and connects to classical music. Great Kat is almost sparks from fingers. Beethoven Guitar Shred DVD is a new product, with beautiful trails. For those who love speed, She Bangs – "Inglez Henrique de Souza, Brazil Guitar Player Magazine

– "Women are now I think a dark superhero sent by the ghosts of earlier composers to ensure that no one forgets what they are cursed by all means necessary one, the only, the Great Kat !!!!" – "Evil" Ian Miller, AV Maniacs

– "The Great Kat named one of the fastest guitarists more Fast. Probably the crushing of women on the face of the earth. "Flight of the Bumblebee" For 300 beats per minute. There is nothing faster than that. This (DVD Beethoven Guitar Shred ") makes an average filling large -." Michael Butler, Mevio Music

– "The Great Kat you know as one of the fastest, garbage metal, heavy guitar fiercest in the universe. He put it in, and I was delighted to find some videos of heavy metals again. This woman is the hard core. She plays Beethoven symphonies the way it will always be: incredibly fast and covered in blood line. "- Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

– ".. The Great Kat Guitar Shred high priestess It can play "Flight of the Bumblebee" to 300 beats per minute! His disciples ("slaves Kat") that it should American soldier. Ranked "Ten Quickest destructive of all time." totally spoiled it's crazy lady representative: studied classical violin at the York Juilliard. "- Melissa Maerz New Magazine

– "The Great Kat Shred Guitar Beethoven is the perfect gift to impress while rocking on their list of the Great Kat is a Juilliard trained. violinist was crushing. And it's fast. It takes the music of Beethoven to all new levels of rock-n-roll. It is cold and rocker like getting this DVD for Christmas. This is a DVD that will impress the swing of his life in this holiday season -. McGlaun Susan "I4U News


the top 10 fastest guitar players