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top guitar lessons
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all my school work is upon me advice please help?

I'm doing my GCSE (Y10). I have guitar lessons once per week, dance three times a week and every evening after school, I'm back on various topics. So when I get home I do my duty to take a shower and go run because I am trying desperately to lose weight and I have a very high metabolism. I am not sleep and I really do not have time to relax. I can not take my time because I have less homework to do and so I have proof of dance and guitar. advice please help?

T a low metabolism. First, you must take some time to relax. is a good thing to have a way to run one half of the preparation of oxygenates and refresh your brain. Good organization and priorities is the answer. In addition, while giving priority to do things faster and easier first and best use time wisely. For example, if you go into town to meet friends, change your library books while saving for an extra trip .. Make a list and check on what I did, giving the feeling that you are in control and progress. Pencil in time once a week to meet friends and relax. If it is not that works, maybe doing what we were doing and get up an hour earlier each day and do homework without interruption.

top guitar lessons