Bass Guitar Learning Dvds

bass guitar learning dvds
Teach Me Bass Guitar – Lesson 14 Part 1 w/ Roy Vogt

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Guitar Secrets Of The Legends

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instruction manual and DVD Music recommendations? (Drum, Bass, Guitar)?

I'm looking for instruction books / CDs / DVDs My son learning to play drums -. (And my other son and daughter play the bass guitar, the game) There are many out there, but like everything some are good and some are not effective in teaching. We also tune to the battery instructions online, but I thought it would be better if there was any something tangible to work. Thank you

I second the previous answer, there is no substitute for giving and receiving a live instructor. I took lessons for a year or two, when Nixon (?) Has been president, and lost interest. Five years ago, my neighbor had a garage sale, and before the vultures burst, I picked up a guitar without a name, took her to the shop and had new strings and setup indeed. I played with some lessons I found online, and my (then) 7 and / or the child I started to teach him. My wife insisted that we have a true master. I heard that the director of my church group of contemporary music (also known as "popular mass") Who taught on the side. I called him, told him the situation and said he was playing again. The result of her mouth was " Would you like to start practicing with us? We could use some fresh blood on Sunday morning .. "Anyway, I play almost every Sunday since nearly five years, my son started after a year of classes, it is not surprising, but definitely talented. The good news is that some very Experienced (your teacher for over 35 years playing and teaching, and taught keyboardist in the local school system), musicians, you can not get a cleaner environment and better once I said, good luck!

bass guitar learning dvds