Rock Band 2 Wireless Guitar Playstation 3

rock band 2 wireless guitar playstation 3
Rock Band 2 PS2/PS3 Wireless Drums Assembly

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Xbox 360 rock band drums, guitar, microphone PS2 work because it is USB?

Rock Band PS2 PS3 Xbox 360 PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3 Guitar Microphone wired drum drum set wireless microphone

I can not give a definitive answer. I know that the accessories work with PS2 Rock Band PS3, but in the same company. There were serious doubts that it works properly. I own Rock Band for 360, and the drums and guitar, Although X-Box Guide button them, and the controls typical of X-Box, which means it is likely that the PS2 does not recognize them correctly. Logitech USB microphone is the microphone, and see that it is branded with the X-Box or the Microsoft logo, I suppose that * is * going to work. Of course, you should buy the game for PS2 It seems silly, if you already have the package 360. Ultimately, it is unlikely that someone tried to "disqualification" as that, or bought PS2 version only to find out if the work of accessories, to find a final declaration would be difficult.

rock band 2 wireless guitar playstation 3

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