Play Guitar Mellencamp

play guitar mellencamp
Fantastic Lies – Play Guitar / John Mellencamp cover

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How long does it take to learn guitar?

I played guitar for about 3 months and I can play songs allot as we nathenson upper-mate, Plain White Ts 1234, Maggie Stewart-bar may, in time (the time of your life) – Green Day, Mellencamp little house jhon pink, just to name a few and I received an electric shock (a new Laguna has been lost) and I can play three songs in which TNT-ACDC you going to do my way, Lenny Kravitz, u hell, and some of Swing-aar. how long it might look bad, but I practice, but I take time and practice at least 3 hours a day and love to play, but I have a group together and have kept eith the singer and played a few songs and was quite good, but we have to play in my room most of July I YSO two months, please help I need good songs or easy tips. IF PLEASE HELP !!!!!! Thanx !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When do you learn? When you stop? May have an ax virgin play Pearl Jam in five minutes, but I played for years and you have not learned everything. And I never will. Lately, I work on the use of my little finger again, and pinch harmonics. There is always something new to try.

play guitar mellencamp