Best Learn How To Play Guitar Dvd

best learn how to play guitar dvd
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What is the best way for learning how to play guitar without human lessons?

folks i need your help, trying to save money so what little money i have i decided to get a Fender Starcaster 6-String Full-Size Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar. it was like 140 bucks…. so i decided to start to play guitar as a way to occupy myself instead of going out to places and spending all my money on useless stuff and adding more debt. so i guess my questions is have any you found any good learning tools for playing acoustic guitar? dvd, PC programs stuff like that? I’m not a big book reader so i’m trying to stay away from that, any info would be appreciated…



Hi there! Congrats on the guitar! Do you know how to read music? If so, do you know how to make chords? If you know how to do those two things the fret board is easy. Between each fret it is a half step (e.g. E F F# G G# …etc…). Go from there to put chords together.

If you do not know how to read music, reading tablature is an easy way to get started. What tabs do are give you a diagram of the fretboard and which strings to push down where. Once the strings are pushed down, all you do is strum. The strings marked with an X you skip when strumming, the strings marked with an O are open (you strum but do not push down any strings). There are a few good free teach yourself courses on the internet! But honestly, if you understood what I just said you could just print off some tabs and practice!!

Just a word of warning, your fingers will hurt from pushing on the strings, just hang in there until your caluses build! Good luck on your musical endeavor!

best learn how to play guitar dvd

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