Wanna Play Guitar Shirt

wanna play guitar shirt
Guitar Shirt and Gator Jerky

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Would you date a guy like me? (Girls)?

1. I have dark brown hair 2. about 5 '2 "(13 years) 3. Sensitive and little shy, but not a coward 4. Confident 5. a little chubby, thin, think I have a shirt, 6. Brown eyes 7. He likes rock music, playing guitar, drums 8. Curiously, very cautious girl Im just curious, Primo theres a girl like me and it does not seem to like me, want to know if something is wrong with me? Thank you:) Here my profile photobucket, Http: / / www.photobucket.com / adamelian

No, I do not want. I doubt that we live in the same country, and I would be my mistake Buddy did not mention that would be considered a pedophile if someone nearly 10 years younger than me. You do not need to ask people Online …. The fact that this girl does not seem that does not mean that any girl. You're only 13, giving him time.

wanna play guitar shirt

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