Guitar Music Sheet

guitar music sheet
How to Read Guitar Tabs

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How to read guitar tabs?

Hey guys, you know all the notes on the staff and I know all the notes on the guitar. BUT, I do not know what notes are played on each string. For example, if the score is said to play an "F". Where can play in chainmail? In the chain E? In the sequence of A? I do not know. Could you guys help me. Appropriate thank you!

Notes on a guitar is EADGBE correctly, but it seems that you already know. Each step up (crash) in a string until a white plug. Thus, E becomes F, F #, G, G #, etc. You can play an F on any channel, depending on how you're worried. If you play classical guitar music, there is often a position (in this bar with the index) and an indication of what channel you play a note. However, it is quite advanced. Although you know the notes, I'd get a book beginning or see if you can find simple things on the line for practice.

guitar music sheet

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