Guitar Players Chair

guitar players chair
The Birth of the Guitar Chair – by Brian Boggs

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What man do I love?

Although it may seem really …. terrible, and I'm sorry, but I do not know other way to say it. I'll rate 5 guys, and I need help choosing one to go on a date with, and they all asked me (For the same night). D: anyway, here are the boys. 1. Lucas, a kind of emo, playing bass, very sensitive, understanding and support not only listening, super cute 2. Trevor well …. it is a little redneck .. 🙂 But he is sincere and a true gentleman (he takes the chair, opens doors, etc.) do not ask how it can be a gentleman and a redneck at the same time, because I do not know … he is super cute, and a farmer 3. James "Cowboy to the core! Southern gentleman, bull rider, can cook, I learned to ride, play bass, butt wrangler hot … Sorry. lol 4. Jase-football player, but not an idiot, creative date ideas (Sky-diving!), high (6 of 6), can cook, well, force 5. Easton, well …. I'm in power. I'm sorry lol.

Lucas. It appears that you have to say about it, which means they know better and can think of many things about him.

guitar players chair