Make Your Acoustic Guitar Play Better

make your acoustic guitar play better
How to Make Your Acoustic Guitar Sound Like a Sitar

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Can any electric guitar play metal/heavy metal?

i’ve been playing guitar for a while now, but only acoustic, and i am soon to be getting an electric guitar as promised by my parents for playing well and stuff xD but i was wandering, can every electric guitar play heavy metal and have it sound good? Or are some unable to?

The kind of heavy metal i’m talking about is stuff like:
August Burns Red
Three Days Grace


And if you were to try to play heavy metal, how could you make the guitar sound differently?
i’ve looked around and heard you need to set your guitar to low/high distortion?

thanks 🙂

yeah any guitar can get a decent metal sound, all you need to do is turn up the distortion 🙂

mess around with the gain and the distortion until you get a sound that you like. It shouldn’t matter what guitar you’re using, as long as the amp settings are right :]

also, overdrive pedals sound great if you’re going for a heavy metal effect ^^

make your acoustic guitar play better

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