How To Play Guitar Fast Picking

how to play guitar fast picking
Speed Picking Lesson How to Play Guitar : Speed Picking Techniques

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How can I improve my speed on the pick?

I played about 6 months and I can pick up quickly with your fingers,,,, I getting electric shock to x-mas, so I want to know how to leave with a little speed and other things. What songs or things that would be good for help me faster and faster … Other advice? (I'm playing house of the sun with a peak, but I still have the leg when moving at full speed!)

DO NOT try to play fast, play fairly accurately. The song of time at a pace that you can play cleanly and consistently without error. Then, when you can play at this pace perfectly to take the pace a bit and learn to play fair, then take the pace again. However, the accuracy is more important than speed, emphasis on accuracy and speed naturally. If you concentrate on playing at a speed that you will never learn exactly. Try to play these songs, theyre to learn to choose "Everybody Hurts ~ REM tonight easy Clapton-wonderful line-cheryl little stronger ~ Metallica-fade to black ~ Difficult

how to play guitar fast picking